• Since: 2004
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are You looking for an effective partner to develop IT technologies in your business?


  • Digital transformation
    Your organization is functioning,
    but is it time for the next step? We support you in analyzing the validity of the change, defining business goals and creating a business case. We adjust
    and we create technological solutions for business. We optimize
    and we automate processes.
  • Online startup
    Are you starting a new business with online services as a key component ? We support
    In defining the goals and business model and creating a business case. We will take care of the IT technology of your business comprehensively. We are open to various options for cooperation. We have experience – our own applications running on a SaaS model.
  • Maintenance and development
    We maintain solutions created with our participation and take over already functioning IT systems. We develop software in accordance
    with the expectations of our Clients.

we build and connect digital environments

Our passion is to create complex
and integrated systems

We also provide smaller solutions

Internet applications

Web application, web application (web application) - a program that runs in a web browser, allowing user interaction with content, features or services available over the Internet

Mobile applications

Mobile application (mobile application, mobile software) - a program that runs on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Provides users with a variety of features and services, accessible through a user interface

API integrations

API integrations are the processes by which different applications or systems communicate with each other, exchanging information and functionality using application programming interfaces (APIs), which allows them to work together and synchronize data

HappyOne App

application for the HappyOne platform dedicated to temporary workers – medical staff

EST2148269865 (1)


open estimating and pricing software based on intelligent algorithms, digital engines, and a universal API
ESTIMATIC supports the insurance industry in the area of ​​claims estimation [property, life]

hn internal


web platform supporting all business processes of a temporary employment agency operating in the Dutch medical industry

g-shadow (1)


web application to support the recruitment process and provide data to the BASA platform



mobile application for the BASA platform supporting the management of the internal vehicle fleet



mobile application for the BASA platform supporting real estate management



software supporting all business processes of a temporary employment agency operating in the logistics and gardening industries


Map of Opole Trees

smart city application for managing urban greenery, the system is supplemented with a mobile application supporting the tree inventory process

Smart city vector illustration. Man user and smartphone withresidential smart city infrastructure with internet cloud connection and technology communication. Isometric cartoon flat design

ZK Opole website

website created for the Municipal Enterprise in Opole

zk mapa cmentarz

Cemeteries in Opole

a cemetery management system with a mobile application supporting the grave inventory process

our team

our team is our greatest asset

On IDEA3’s board we have representatives of all disciplines needed to conduct large IT projects

Frontend developer

Frontend developer

is a code magician who creates Internet wonders. His task is to create an interface so attractive that the user will want to click even on the "Don't click" button!

QA tester

QA Tester

A QA tester is a bug (bug) detective in the digital world. His mission is to find any imperfections before the app's release. With magnifying glass in hand, he scours every corner, helping developers avoid pitfalls. But he warns: sometimes he will find a mistake even in a game of tic-tac-toe!

Project Manager

Project Manager

balances activities, team and time, taking care of project goals and the well-being of those involved. He is like a conductor of the team and the project, making sure everything goes according to plan!

UX/UI Designers

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI designer is a creative thinker, creating interfaces like a painter creates his works of art. Its goal is to make users as happy as children in a candy store.

Backend developer

Backend Developer

is the secret gatekeeper of the web application. He works in the shadows, but without him the system would collapse. He spends days and nights with terminals, servers and databases, fighting errors. But when everything works, he is responsible for the magic on the other side of the screen.



The code guru builds the structures of the systems, taking care of their operation. Like a captain, he leads the team through difficulties, sometimes like in a tale of errors, in search of the perfect software.



DevOps is a master martial art in the IT world that combines the skills of a ninja programmer with the flexibility of an acrobatic systems administrator. His job is to maintain a balance between the world of software development and its implementation.

Business Analyst

Business Analyst

A business analyst is an archaeologist of needs, digging up hidden requirements and business processes. His reports are treasure maps for IT projects.

we connect business with technology

Three different personalities and competencies,
one common idea. idea3


Graduate of the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics of the University of Wrocław, manager in the financial industry, change manager, interim manager, analyst and business advisor, expert in creating effective organizations and processes


Graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Computer Science of the Opole University of Technology, IT manager, expert in the field of technology, architecture and databases, programmer, systems and process analyst


Graduate of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Computer Science of the Opole University of Technology, IT manager, expert in the field of technology, databases, IT infrastructure, integration and implementation, programmer, systems and process analyst


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  • Since: 2004
  • Our software estimated: +EUR